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Bachelor of Arts in English Literature

Saint Mary’s College, USA. All information about the program. Please contact the university directly !

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature

Literature celebrates the diversity of human imagination and expressive means of language. He delves into the most fundamental human issues : the relationship between people and their communities, the complexity of moral choice, climate heart and soul. With a major in English, you get the opportunity to read and understand a variety of material and express yourself well and convincingly, both in written and spoken word.

” Professionally, Saint Mary ‘ s gave me the courage to take my passion for literature and learning and to make it into my vocation. Personally, I created a family for four years I spent on campus. My friends, mentors and employers did not end their part of my life at the beginning of dnya.Skoree we ‘ve come in contact, talking about our respective projects and plans, and continuing to extend the life of our community in our growing family “-. Jennifer Warfel ’06

Writing in the Major

Two teachers, but your class teacher will read your full portfolio of works, focusing on three sample documents. Your letter should be well organized and focused, logical and consistent, technically correct, and cognizant of the complexity of the problems in the content material.

Senior comprehensive examination

Successful completion of the Senior Seminar ENLT 495 senior comprehensive literature satisfies the requirement of English literature major. Successful completion ENWR 495 Senior Project writing satisfies the senior comprehensive requirement English Writing major.

practical training

The English program is designed with small classes to keep the discussion open and the flow of ideas. Discussion in the classroom is the preferred route to the critical, theoretical and historical understanding. Particular attention is also paid to receive real-world experience through internships. In addition to giving you an idea of ??how the workplace works, internships give you a competitive advantage when seeking employment.


English degree will help you develop analytical and communication skills, both employers and advanced professional programs degrees higher premium. According to research by the Modern Language Association, English Major is the best preparation for a career in various fields : education, publishing, installation, service, law, medicine, business, management, journalism, communications and others.
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