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Created in 1888 in Moscow, KS Stanislavsky involving FP Komissarzhevsky, AF Fedotov, FL Sologub. Originally housed in a former ” Pushkin Theater ” on Tverskaya Street. Society arranged exhibitions and performances, when it was organized by the school with drama and music classes, which were headed by Fedotov and Komisarjevsky. December 8, 1889 on the ground ” performing party ” were played ” The Miserly Knight ” AS Pushkin, the scene of ” Godunov ” Fedotov and ” George Dandin ” Moliere (director Fedotov, artists Sologub and Konstantin Korovin ). In 1890 due to financial difficulties the Company narrowed its activities ; moved Povarskaya street ( on 13), taking the responsibility to regularly ( 1 time per week ) to give performances and organize evenings in the old building, which took Russian hunting club. Society went Fedotov Komissarzhevsky died Sologub. In 1891 he became head of the Society of Stanislavsky, President – GN Fedotov ; in 1894 it was going to the apartment of Stanislavsky. School ceased to exist, only worked the drama club. It is composed of actors were MF Andreev, MP Lilina, AR Artem, NG Aleksandrov, GS Burdzhalov, VV Luga, AA Sanin, EM Raevskaya artists VD Polenov, VA Sims FN Navrozov. Among the best performances : ” The Fruits of Enlightenment ” LN Tolstoy (1891), ” Uriel Acosta ” Gutskova K. (1895 ), ” Samoupravtsy ” AF Pisemsky (1895), “Othello” (1896) and ” Much Ado About Nothing ” ( 1897) by William Shakespeare, ” The Sunken Bell ” G. Hauptmann (1898). First time in the history of Russian theater lovers from the group emerged permanent company. In 1898 a group of leading actors Stanislavsky moved to the newly organized the Moscow Art Theatre.