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2009 Viennese Ball

  A Look Back at our


Viennese Ball

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Under the gracious patronage of

His Excellency the Ambassador of Austria

Christian Prosl


NSAL celebrated its second annual Viennese Ball on November 21, 2009 at Washington’s elegant Cosmos Club.  The Ball began with a seated candlelight dinner.  Patrons were then lead in the glorious Grande Marche tradition to The Grand Ballroom where they waltzed to the music of the con brio! salon ensemble.  After a drawing for the Frank Wright lithograph Ice on the Potomac, guests were treated to an Argentine tango dance performance by Tango Mercuriio.  A Viennese dessert buffet followed.  Guests were delighted to be instructed in the Fledemaus Quadrille by Dancemasters Herbert and Carol Traxler.  Fittingly, the evening came to a close with Johann Strauss’ beloved waltz Blaue Donau.

2009 Ball Chairs

Martha D. Goebel and Catriona Tudor Erler

2009 Viennese Ball Program


Reception with Sparkling Wine in the Long Gallery


Dinner in the Crentz Dining Room


Reception for Ball Guests in the Long Gallery


———  Grande Marche  ———


Greetings from NSAL Chapter President, Carla Jones-Batka


Ball Chair, Catriona Tudor Erler


Alles Walzer

Dancing to the Music of Con Brio!


Drawing for Frank Wright Lithograph Ice on the Potomac

Orchestra Break, Recorded Dance Music


Dancing to the Music of Con Brio!


Dance Performance by Tango Mercurio


The Dessert Buffet Opens in the Long Gallery

Dancing to the Music of Con Brio!


Fledermaus Quadrille

Taught by Dancemasters Drs. Herbert and Carol Traxler


Fledermaus Quadrille

Followed by Dancing to the Music of Con Brio!


Final Waltz

Blaue Donau (The Blue Danube) by Johann Strauss

To help ball guests who are unfamiliar with our organization

better understand the work we do,

Committee Member Katherine Kyle designed a series of posters,

one for each artistic discipline, featuring some the Washington Chapter’s former winners.

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